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September 5, 2009
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The Mormegil by peet The Mormegil by peet
‘The sword Anglachel was forged anew for him by cunning smiths of Nargothrond, and though ever black its edges shone with pale fire; and he named it Gurthang, Iron of Death. So great was his prowess and skill in warfare on the confines of the Guarded Plain that he himself became known as Mormegil, the Black Sword; and the Elves said: 'The Mormegil cannot be slain, save by mischance, or an evil arrow from afar.' Therefore they gave him dwarf-mail, to guard him; and in a grim mood he found also in the armouries a dwarf-mask all gilded, and he put it on before battle, and his enemies fled before his face.’

J.R.R. Tolkien: The Silmarillion: Chapter 21: Of Túrin Turambar

See the rest of the NARN I HÎN HÚRIN series here.

Please also view the 2014 remake of this scene here: Mormegil by peet
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Mandinga91 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
this one is also a great deviation and also a masterpiece...but i like the remake jeje
peet Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I agree with you that I like the remake more also - although, again, I'm not sure I can agree that they're masterpieces! ;)
DernhelmfromMelian Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
woww! I always saw these on internet and never or at least not on all cases could realise it was made by YOU. Now I found your site it´s a delicious searching to my eyes!!!
peet Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Glad you like - may I ask where you've seen this before on the internet, if you don't mind? Just for my own interest :D
NonieR Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I love everything about your art except all the wide staring eyes. Normally, we never see the whole circle of someone's iris because it's partially hidden behind one or both eyelids. And while it's true that staring can imply rage or determination, more often it indicates fear or surprise and is often used for humorous exaggeration.

Otherwise? Your work ROCKS! You do such great things with watercolors (or equivalent--I can't always tell); textures, light/shade, depth of field and all. And unlike some good detail artists, you're great with the contrasts that draw our eyes toward the focus of your picture--like Turin's face here, framed with the bright gold and the dark hair, and most of all his eyes where both the lines of gold and the spread of hair point like an arrow. His cloak-pins below echo the wide eyes, and their different gems--blue and red--almost suggest both reason and rage. And for all the host, the loose strands of individual hair seem almost the only tokens of normal life under the united will and the borne steel of war.

peet Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, thanks very much indeed for the detailed - and incredibly articulate - comment, it's greatly appreciated. I think human anatomy is probably the worst aspect of my work, and the eye issue may be symptomatic of that (although I must say I very rarely depict the whole iris, as you put it, although again I do still see your point). Hopefully I'll keep on improving slowly with this; I'm feeling more and more comfortable with such things in my newer pictures. :hug:
Gurdim Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
YES! Finally Silmarillion's artworks who aren't influenced by Alan Lee's style, and without all those fancy D&D plate mail with uncomfortable shapes XD

I love the scale mail and how the masked helm resembles the Sutton Hoo one :D (with a pince of Vendels' ones too i'd say)

Only one thing, but mind it's just my personal opinion (if JRRT hasn't pointed it out in one of his 1000000000 letters, i dunno) i think a chain mail would fit better as a dwarven armor, than a scale one. How to say, i always imagined them more human-made, or elven-made (or maybe the human ones would rather be lamellar... uhm...) while the dwarven ones are described as more flexible and light (chain mail distributes the weight on your body and actually looks not so heavy, i know being brother to a reenactor XD) But that said, this is still a amazing piece :)
peet Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi there - sorry this is extremely late. Just a quick response re the mail. Tolkien states that the Dwarves made for Thingol mail wrought like fish-scales, and since Nargothrond was modelled on Menegroth, housed Dwarves in the past, and Turin has links to Menegroth himself, I thought it would be a nice touch to give him this kind of mail (and to distinguish him from his host) ;-).
Gurdim Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
hello, and thanks for the answer :)

Ah i see, for some reason i always thought of that definition as shiny like fish-scales, and not the more obvious scaler armour, probably because when i hear or read "mail" i end up thinkin about the chain mail xD And probably because in my personal view of Arda's styles, the scale mail looked more uhm "human?" and the dwarves' one were more probably the chain one :) But i like the connection you made, and the thing of distinguishing him from the others, and the Sutton Hoo like helm-mask :D (I thought about something like it time ago, or the alternative was a kind of Montefortino helm with a detachable mask like the roman cavalry ones, although more dwarvish-vendel-ish style xD) 
dulva92 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Photographer
Im amazed!
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